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This thesis (also available online) was submitted as part of the MA History of Art I pursued at the Courtauld Institute of Art. It explores how inserting aural components into sheet painting contested, negotiated and navigated religious mandates, courtly practices and bodily experiences.

I'd love to share a copy of this booklet with anyone who'd like to read it, and am happy to send it to anyone anywhere in the world for free. If you'd like a copy, please fill in the form below with your email and I'll get in touch with you very shortly for more details. 


Whilst trying to pick up the Persian language, I had difficulty finding an alphabet sheet online that was freely available for download. I needed a sheet which summarised the Persian alphabet, next to its phonetical sound and examples of how to write the script.

In response, I created this sheet with all 32 consonants and vowels in the Persian alphabet, and to explain how the alphabet is pronounced phonetically.