Singapore Art Book Fair (2014 & 2016)

Singapore Art Book Fair is an independent annual multi-day festival specialising in contemporary art books & zines.

The fair prides itself on creating an accessible platform for creatives, emerging and established alike, to meet, converse and exchange ideas.

My roles in the 2016 and 2014 fair editions included project and budget management, programme planning and public relations.

The 2016 edition was set to the theme of the Cabinet of Curiosities. The theme created a lively and vibrant space where learning, storytelling and collecting was encouraged.

We held the fair in the ArtScience Museum, and hosted over 50 vendors from all around the world. Exhibiting vendors joined us from countries such as South Korea, Thailand, China and Vietnam.

The fair opened to the sounds of .gif, and the typewritten words of the Proletariat Poetry Factory. Throughout the fair duration we also hosted guests, such as André Chiang, in our series of talks.

Co-organised with HJGHER, the 2014 edition opened for a weekend at the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art.

The fair saw over 40 vendors from countries such as Singapore, the UK, Brazil and more.

We also worked with the Embassy of Israel and the Embassy of Sweden to organise multiple film screening sessions for the enjoyment of fairgoers.

Joella KiuVisual Art, Literature